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Big Wins Expected for Offshore Wind Over Next Decade

As many as 83,000 jobs and $25 billion in annual economic output projected by American Wind Energy Association

Oil And Gas Companies See Opportunity In Offshore Wind Energy

Oil and gas markets are ensnared by oversupply and falling prices, not to mention a global pandemic. It illustrates the need to be more responsive to changes in the energy climate. And the good news is that the signs are pointing to more investment in renewables, specifically offshore wind power.

US Offshore Wind Could Create Up To 83,000 Jobs – Report

How offshore wind is transforming a steel town

The site of a former steel mill in Baltimore is highlighting the benefits — and hardships — created by a shift from polluting industries to renewable energy.

Offshore wind to drive billions over next decade — report

Offshore wind could inject $25 billion annually into the US economy by 2030

Offshore Wind to Attract More Than $200B Between 2020 and 2025

While the oil and gas sector remains the largest component of the offshore supply chain, we expect the offshore wind market to become more attractive for traditional oil and gas players.