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Support Offshore Wind

Leading the clean transition to America’s energy future

Offshore wind power is the next major source of clean energy in the United States. The U.S. has a vast offshore wind energy resource which can support tens of thousands of new jobs, strengthen coastal economies, and deliver vast amounts of clean, reliable energy to American communities. America’s shores possess a power potential of more than 2,000 gigawatts (GW), nearly double the nation’s current electricity use. Join the American Clean Power Association and #SupportOffShoreWind

Creating A New Supply Chain and Workforce through Offshore Wind

Colonna’s Shipyard has been in business for over 145 years. Vance Hull, Director of Business Development, explains why offshore wind presents an opportunity to develop a new supply chain and workforce in coastal Virginia.

U.S. Offshore Wind Poised for Exponential Growth

The U.S. Offshore Wind Power Economic Impact Assessment report shows how the industry’s $57 billion investment in the U.S. economy will deliver up to $25 billion per year in new economic activity and support up to 83,000 well-paying U.S. jobs by 2030.

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American Voters Strongly Favor Offshore Wind Energy

More than 80 percent of the nation’s voters, regardless of political party and demographic, favor adding more offshore wind to America’s energy portfolio and a majority of voters say wind energy will be more important to the economy in 10 years than oil and natural gas.

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Explore how our offshore wind energy resources contribute to U.S. economic growth, job creation, and clean, reliable energy for Americans throughout the country.

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    Offshore wind has strong, bipartisan support from elected officials at the national, state, and local levels as well as from business and industry leaders.

    Offshore wind is an important component of our administration’s efforts to reduce greenhouse gas emissions and provide affordable energy options and we look forward to continuing to develop the Commonwealth’s emerging offshore wind industry in a sustainable manner that benefits all residents.

    Former Massachusetts Governor
    Charlie Baker (R)

    The demand for offshore wind energy has never been greater. Plummeting costs, technological advances, skyrocketing demand and great economic potential have all combined to make offshore wind a highly promising avenue for adding to a diversified national energy portfolio. The U.S. Outer Continental Shelf provides a world-class wind resource on both the Atlantic and Pacific coasts.

    Bureau of Ocean Energy Management Deputy Director
    Walter Cruickshank

    There is no other renewable energy resource that provides us with either the electric-generation or economic-growth potential of offshore wind. When we reach our goal of 7,500 megawatts, New Jersey’s offshore wind infrastructure will generate electricity to power more than 3.2 million homes and meet fifty percent of our state’s electric power need. Our offshore wind industry will generate billions of dollars in investments in New Jersey’s future, that will, in turn, create thousands of jobs.

    New Jersey Governor
    Phil Murphy (D)

    The offshore wind energy industry is at the beginning of what many predict will be a tremendous expansion. This growth will create jobs across the United States as some $70 billion in new capital expenditures enter the market over the next decade.

    National Ocean Industries Association (NOIA)
    President Erik Milito

    Fully developing the offshore wind industry’s potential will play a critical role in building out America’s future energy landscape. [Offshore wind is] at the cutting edge of tomorrow’s energy technology and will provide the type of high quality, family-supporting jobs needed for a healthy national economy.

    Utility Workers Union of America Former President
    Mike Langford

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    | December 7, 2022 | salemnews

    With wind turbine work coming, training opportunities form at SHS

    Salem High and Crowley recently signed a memorandum of agreement that establishes the ways Crowley will provide learning opportunities for Salem High School students, both through advisory roles when building out future programs and work opportunities for interns and graduates moving through the building.