Support Offshore Wind

Support Offshore Wind


Training Underway to Meet Offshore Wind Industry Demand for Jobs

With the potential of thousands of well-paying jobs coming to the region, we must have a well-trained workforce ready to go. CONNECT institutions of higher education are working together to make sure that happens.

America’s Offshore Wind-Powered Future Begins in a Texas Shipyard

In announcing an ambitious renewable-energy push, the Biden administration highlighted a vessel under construction in Brownsville as proof of the economic opportunities of going green.

First major U.S. offshore wind project moves closer to reality under Biden

Plans for the first major U.S. offshore wind project are closer to reality now that the Interior Department has completed an environmental review of Vineyard Wind, which is proposed for construction off Massachusetts.

Vineyard Wind moves forward

Biden administration backs nation’s biggest wind farm off Martha’s Vineyard

The Biden administration took a crucial step Monday toward approving the nation’s first large-scale offshore wind farm about 12 nautical miles off the coast of Martha’s Vineyard, Mass., a project that officials say will launch a massive clean-power expansion in the fight against climate change.

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Ocean City should back clean wind energy — and soon

People often disagree about the methods for addressing climate change, but there is a widespread scientific and popular consensus that taking steps now to reduce the human contribution to it would be prudent and worthwhile.

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On U.S. East Coast, Has Offshore Wind’s Moment Finally Arrived?

After years of debate and public engagement, the American offshore wind sector looks poised to finally start ramping up. While Europe and Asia are ahead of the U.S. on offshore wind deployment, many companies are optimistic about the American market, especially regions off the East Coast that boast strong and steady winds and proximity to major cities to consume the power produced. With costs continuing to fall, the demand for more zero-carbon electricity growing rapidly, and support from state officials and the new Biden administration, the U.S. seems poised for its offshore wind moment.